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Donating to the VFW, The VFW is a charitable organization. We need your financial help and donations. The VFW is different from other charities. 95 percent of every dollar the VFW takes in goes directly to help our troops and their families.
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95 percent of your donations to the VFW is used for the good of our troops and their families. For more than a century, the VFW has been leading the charge to protect the rights and serve the needs of veterans, troops and their families. Today, with thousands of new veterans from the war on terror, that mission is more important than ever. With your gift to the VFW, Donations can help veterans and members of our military services get the help they need from healthcare and disability benefits to communication and camaraderie. We are also reminding communities of the sacrifices made by veterans, particularly those killed in action and inspiring patriotism across the nation. The VFW is a  federally chartered, nonprofit organization. The VFW receives no taxpayer dollars. We rely solely on the generosity of concerned Americans like you. VFW Contributions are tax-deductible.

 Donating money to the VFW is just one option for helping our troops and their families. If you have a special skill - plumbing, carpentry, auto mechanic - and are willing to volunteer your time, we can certainly put you to good use - please contact us.

Families of troops deployed overseas who are here in the U.S. can utilize your talents. If you want more information about donating Talents & Time to the VFW please contact us.

A third option is to donate a product produced, procured, or offered by your company. A great example is the ConAgra Corporation. To date, this generous organization has donated 40,000 Slim Jims to troops leaving for Iraq. Do you have a product that could help our troops or their families in some positive way? please contact us

Your Donations to the VFW helps keep our Service Officers on the job so the VFW can help those family members of our Veterans and Veterans alike to get the Medical support and Veterans Benefits they have coming too them. Most importantly the VFW supports the troops and families now, when they need your help.











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